The New PB&J: Setup the Pieces

105/365: Game of chess

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A chess game is often won in the first five moves. Not in the sense that after the first five moves, the game is literally over, but that in the first five moves, one of the players has setup his or her strategy to the point where the other player has very little options to counteract it.  The player with the upper hand has setup his or her strategy, and therefore the game is already won…even though it has yet to be finished.

When businesses begin to use social media as a marketing tool, they often go into it without a strategy. They sign up for all the tools that everyone else is using, they don’t have a system in place for monitoring their brand, and they don’t have any methods in place to continue furthering their brand. These businesses do not have a social media strategy, and like the chess player who “wings it” every game, they end up losing.

So the question is this: how do you put a social media strategy in place so that your brand can be furthered, your business grow, and your customers remain satisfied?

Any social media strategy has a number of components to it, with each component having a number of questions that we should use to flesh it out:


When we are planning how our business is going to use social media, the first question that comes to mind is what tools we are going to use to reach our customers and build our brand. Are you going to use Facebook? Twitter? Foursquare? A combination of other tools? Here are some questions you can use to help guide this decision:

  • What social media tools are your existing customers using?
  • What social media tools are your potential customers using?
  • What social media tools can you use effectively immediately, without any training?
  • What monitoring tools should you use to most effectively track your progress towards your goals?
  • What social media tools do you need some assistance with in using?


You don’t just need to plan out what you’re going to do. You also need to think about the who, the when, and the how. Here are some guiding questions for you:

  • Who is going to execute this strategy as the point person? You? An employee? A volunteer? A co-worker?
  • Who else will be involved in executing this strategy?
  • What will the overall organizational or company involvement be?
  • When will they devote time to using the social media tools?
  • How much time should be devoted to building your brand via social media?

These are just some beginning questions for you to answer. I’d encourage you to work through these questions, and then find a consultant to help you! They’ll be able to put your ideas and thoughts on paper…and eventually into action.

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