The New PB&J: Crafting Your Mission

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If you didn’t catch the intro post to this series, I advise you go and read it. Right now, we’ll wait. Now that you’re back, you need to know what a mission statement is before we jump into crafting one for your Social Media Strategy:

A mission statement is a short written manifesto of the purpose for a given individual, corporation, or organization.

Put bluntly, the mission statement is why you exist. Social media is hard work, and knowing why you’re in it is important. What do you intend to accomplish and why the company or organization was formed should be included in the organization’s mission statement. For instance, you can read the Smarter Biz mission statement on the sidebar of our blog:

Smarter Biz is here to provide free articles, information, and resources for you to use to further your business both online and in the real world!

That’s why Smarter Biz was started. But when thinking in terms of your social media strategy, this statement should become a little more directed, yet still relate to your overall mission. Here is the Smarter Biz social media mission statement:

At Smarter Biz, we will use social media to digitally connect with people and businesses, provide usable content to our connections, and to promote the use of social media in the business world. With regards to social media, we are to provide more than we consume.

So with these two example mission statements, we can formulate some guiding questions and principles that help us get where we want to be:

Questions to Answer When Forming a Social Media Mission Statement

  • Why are you using social media? Is it because it’s the next new thing, or because it’s a valuable tool?
  • What will you use social media for? Connecting with people? Keeping up with the latest trends?
  • Will you be a content-creator or a content-consumer? What is your stance with social media?
  • Does your social media strategy fit into your company’s larger strategy?
  • Does your social media mission statement accurately reflect your people-firstĀ stance towards social media?
  • Does your social media mission statement reflect a people-first business mentality?

Guidelines to Crafting a Social Media Mission

  • Keep your mission people first.
  • Ensure that the reason you’re using social media is to further your company’s mission. Social media is simply a tool for your company. It is not an end in itself.
  • Write it down. Keep a document where your social media strategy is contained.
  • Envision what it looks like to be successful. This vision will be helpful in the next couple of steps.
  • Keep your mission realistic! There’s no sense in creating a mission that is unobtainable.
  • Avoid blatant “we want to make money using social media” statements. It’s not people first. Anyway, this is understood by the people you’re engaging.
  • Your mission is not just to advertise your products. You are building a brand & ensuring a positive reputation.

SB Wants to Know

Comment with your social media mission. Why are you in this thing?

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  2. @gangwayadv says:

    I am honored that you used my photo in your post and happy I found you as a result. Great post and we couldn't agree more that in order for social media to be successful for your business – you first have to create a strategy (or a mission) and then work the plan. Just creating a profile won't bring many results your way. I look forward to learning more about you!

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