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As a technology firm here at Datagroup Technologies, support is our greatest asset. We provide multiple support options across multiple systems. We have direct support via telephone, email, web, and on-site. We provide remote support via in-house technology (remTek) and other web avenues. Not every business needs to provide support to the same extent that we do, but you definitely should provide support in some way! Here are three efficient and cost-effective options that you can use for your business, regardless of your industry or size:

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction
Plan-Based. Starting at $19 / month.Free trial available.

Get Satisfaction is a hosted community-support solution that works for companies of all sizes and industries.  Basically, their system allows your customers to ask a question, repeat a problem, share an idea, or compliment your company, and then to vote on other customers’ ideas/problems/questions.

Also allowing multiple types of widgets that integrate their support system with your site, Get Satisfaction is a wonderful plug & play solution for the small business.

Additional plan structures ($99, $279, $899, custom) allow you to do more with their system, including providing “official” company answers, a customized visual look based on your corporate identity, or host their system on your domain.  I’ve personally seen and used the Get Satisfaction system around the web on all kinds of sites, and it seems to be a very popular and easy-to-use support system for someone who needs a support system that is easy to use and web-based.


Plan-Based. Starting at $19 / month. Free trial available.

UserVoice is another hosted community-support solution beginning at $19/month.  The UserVoice system is extremely similar to Get Satisfaction in the fact that it is a voting-based support solution. Again, the UV system can be tied to your domain with an extra plan (the basic $19 plan allows you to alias your domain).

Between Get Satisfaction and UserVoice, I’m slightly partial to UV just because they are the hometown heroes, being started by a North Carolina local (Richard White).

Overall, both Get Satisfaction and UserVoice provide a Digg-like solution to customer support.

Kayako SupportSuite

Kayako SupportSuite
Software/Plan-Based. Starting at $29.95 / month. Free trial available.

Kayako’s support solutions are an incredible weapon on the frontlines of customer support. In fact, we use SupportSuite here at Datagroup. SupportSuite, combining their eSupport and LiveResponse products, is a wonderfully easy to use, yet complex enough to handle customers’ support issues. A ticketing software backend, coupled with an online entry point, provides customers invidividual support to fit their particular need. This just isn’t “idea-sharing” like Get Satisfaction & UserVoice, Kayako is a complete support solution, from ticketing to live-chat to knowledge base editing to task management. If your primary service to your existing clients is service (like many creative economy businesses), Kayako SupportSuite is definitely a highly-recommended solution.

Feel free to comment, email, or Tweet about any other options you’ve found, or questions about the above solutions!

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  1. Alex says:

    We use Kayako for our t-shirt printing helpdesk and really rate it as a customer support tool.

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