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Full Disclaimer: Behind this blog is a man named Derek Brown, who both works for Datagroup Technologies in Greenville, NC & is the creative planner for the Shift Conference, a conference for businesses interested in Social Media. This post is about the latter, and does not necessarily reflect the interests of Datagroup. That being said, Datagroup is also thoroughly excited to be a sponsor of the Shift Conference. :)

In the now famous words of a not-yet-famous CEO, Joe Thigpen (of Datagroup Technologies), “It would be stupid not to sponsor an event like the Shift Conference.” Joe realizes the necessity and opportunity that are contained within a one-of-a-kind event like the Shift Conference. This post is to highlight what the Shift Conference is, and why it’s so vitally important. If you are a business who uses social media on a regular basis, I’d encourage you to throw some resources (cash and otherwise) towards this event. Become a sponsor. Invite your staff out. Make it a mandatory meeting (after the conference, your staff won’t hate you, I promise).

If you’re a business and not currently using social media, you have got to be here. Here’s the details:

Shift Conference

  • When: May 27th-28th, 2010, from 6-9pm both nights
  • Where: Greenville Convention Center
  • What:A free event for businesses interested in using social media for cultural and economic influence.
  • Cost: FREE

That’s right, it’s a free event. Invite everyone you know. This event is going to be rockin’.


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