Proactive Leadership

So many times we as leaders are caught on our heels, either waiting for the next big thing or responding to what another company or individual (usually our competition) is doing. In general, and usually disguised as “waiting for inspiration”, we wait too much. We are too often on the defensive, instead of taking our movement to the world, we focus on fixing things within the movement itself, before it ever gets unleashed. We worry that people won’t handle responsibility…responsibly. We worry that the finances won’t be there when we need them. We worry about if anyone will show up to an event. We are so busy responding to the problems we perceive in the movement, that we neglect the entire purpose of the movement itself.

Practically, this works itself out in leaders who respond to problems, and deal with effects of situations.

My question is this: when are we going to stop worrying about the effects and start worrying about being a cause?

Often times, we react too much as leaders. As leaders, we are tasked primarily to “go”. On occasion we wait, but only so that we may eventually go. Even though the trail we leave behind may be more crooked than Nixon, we are still told not to worry about the past, but to instead look towards the future.

Question for you: what can you/I/we do to be more proactive as leaders? How can we stay ahead of the curve?

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