Is Your Business People-Centered?

Your business is a type of business, but you may be centered on something else. Your business’ center is what drives you, it is that thing that you focus all that you do around. It is why you’re in business…and what will keep you in business. Your center is who you are as a company. If this is all true (it is), and it really matters this much (it does), then it begs the question: what is your center, and is that center sustainable as the driving force behind your company?

At Datagroup, we are a technology company. But we are not technology centered. Here’s the difference: the goods and services we provide are technological goods and services. That is, they deal in the realm of technology. But they are not technology-centered. If we were technology-centered, our bottom line would be to provide ourselves with a bigger data center, more bandwidth, and a greater number of websites. But that’s not the end goal here. The end goal here at DTI is to provide the best possible experience for our customers when it comes to their technology needs. See the difference? Our driving force is the experience of our customers. We are a people centered company. We just use both our technology and their technological needs as tools to provide a better quality of life.

Sure, we may eventually (and hopefully) grow to the point where we need a bigger data center, more bandwidth, and have a larger number of websites. But here’s the thing: those technological factors will only be to serve a greater number of people. Not the other way around.

So here’s the question you need to ask yourself: what is your center? Why do you as a business exist? Where does your money and your time ultimately go? To people? Products? Places?

What drives your business will be very telling of how successful you are…and how successful you will be.

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