Blogboard: March 1st, 2010

The Blogboard will be a weekly updated chart of the top blogs out there for business, social media, and technology. Every Monday, we’ll put out a top 5 (just 5 to begin with). Here’s the inaugural list:

1. SocialMouths | Growth: +0

SocialMouths has rapidly become my favorite go-to blog for business, social media, and marketing.  Francisco Rosales isn’t a name like Gary V. or Chris Brogan…but just wait. His content is great, he’s down-to-earth, and he keeps #ppl1st (most recently giving away a free blog), which as you know, we’re big fans of here at SB.  Bookmark the site, subscribe to his feed, follow him on Twitter, and enjoy the content.

2. Seth’s Blog | Growth: +0

Seth Godin. The weird marketing, purple cow guy that we wrote about here. His blog is consistent, his content unique and insightful, and he’s got a distinct voice in the business world. You should definitely be following this guy. He’s also written some books you may have heard of.

3. Stepcase Lifehack | Growth: +0

This blog aggregates some of the best business writing, tips, and tricks out there, including categories for productivity, lifestyle, and communication. Their feed is obviously the best way to get their content, as their site is filled with advertisements. Great regular content from them keeps them here at #3.

4. Chris Brogan | Growth: +0

Chris Brogan is one of the leading voices in social media. Though not an expert (there’s no such thing, yet), Chris’ thoughts on the influential web are often spot-on.  If you’re not reading his stuff now, go and subscribe now.

5. SmarterBiz | Growth: +0

Congratulations! You’re reading the top 5 blog of our Blogboard! Humbly, we accept this nomination. Thanks. Hopefully we can stay on our own chart. Check out the ways you can connect, our free resources, or our recommended reading list.

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