A Guide to Eastern NC Hashtags

Not only are we here dedicated to cultivating a Smarter Biz, but we’re also very set on educating and assisting Eastern North Carolina to become the technological center it has the potential to be. With that in mind, we have a “local” category here at SB for our own backyard-related activities and posts. This one is for those of you who enjoy fishing off of piers and eating vinegar-based pork.

This is a look at the Twitter #Hashtags used in Eastern NC.

  • #GreenvilleNC: Probably the mack daddy of ‘em all. Greenville is quickly becoming the technological hub for all things east of I-95, with the assistance from the growing Greenville Tweets community, Datagroup Technologies [disclosure: I work for them], Digital Mint Solutions, and the upcoming Shift Conference. You can use this hashtag for all things Greenville, but not to advertise your message to Greenville. If your message is not directly related to Greenville…don’t use it.
  • #ECU: This is another big one, closely related to Greenville, NC. Obviously relating to East Carolina University, this hashtag is used in all things Pirate, from athletics to school schedules to student activities. The university Twitter community revolves around this Hashtag.
  • #Pirates: A redundant tag for the East Carolina University community. Usually used in athletics-related tweets.
  • #ILM: For some weird, unexplainable reason, both the airport and the Twitter community in Wilmington, NC has decided to drop the “W” to form their hashtag. Or perhaps it stands for something else? “I like muskrats”? Anyhow, the Wilmington, NC tech community has rallied around this 3-letter hashtag
  • #Brunsco: This hashtag makes a bit more sense for Brunswick County, and rolls off the tongue a bit better than #ILM.
  • #UNCW: The coastal equivalent of #ECU, the population that keeps track of UNC-Wilmington uses this hashtag on a regular basis.
  • #EasternNC: This hashtag is used very sporadically to refer to the region of Eastern North Carolina. I’ve seen this used in referring to AT&T’s poor 3G coverage of the region, along with weather uses, such as this past weekend’s SnowMageddon.

Do you have any hashtags you use here in Eastern NC? Comment below, and we’ll add ‘em to the list.

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  1. Chris Decker says:

    Thanks for the mention! Digital Mint Solutions looks forward to being a part of the growing creative economy in Eastern NC.

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