A Dream for Eastern NC: The Shift Conference & #GreenvilleNC Tweetups

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For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s a great event happening here in Smarter Biz’s backyard, Greenville, NC. The event is the Shift Conference in May, and Smarter Biz is heavily involved. It is our hope that the Shift Conference is not just informational for the attendees. We’re really hoping that what happens at this event radically alters the economic and cultural course of our region (Eastern NC), allowing the surrounding area to become a hotbed for creativity and talent.

What would it look like for the regional development commissions, area chambers, and local young professional groups to really throw their strength behind technology business startups in the area? The infrastructure is here: we have a pool of thought talent with East Carolina University, and plenty of land to develop incubators. There is a rapidly growing user base of new media tools.

How can you get involved & get on board?

First step: Attend the Greenville, NC tweetup. Regardless of your stance on Twitter, the Greenville Tweets meeting is where the advance is happening. Here are some reasons you should be at the #GreenvilleNC Tweetup tonight.

Second step: Register for the Shift Conference. Sponsor the Shift Conference. Volunteer at the Shift Conference. Join Shift on FB. Whatever. Get involved. This event will be ground zero for technological headway in Eastern NC.

Hope to see you tonight.

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