7 Must – Read Business Blogs

I don’t want to give you 25, 50, or 100 blogs to read. There’s no way you can read that many. It’s information overload. But 7 is doable. In fact, these 7 are required. Go subscribe now.

Seth’s Blog

web: sethgodin.typepad.com

One of the few guys who can get away with hosting an influential blog on Typepad, Seth Godin is a marketing genius. Having written many books that you’ve at least heard of (Purple Cow, anyone?), he’s got the plethora with ideas, influence with people, and the way with words that makes for a great blog. Here’s a list of some of the recent posts from Seth:

Malcolm Gladwell

web: gladwell.typepad.com

Yet another one of the few guys who can get away with hosting an influential blog on Typepad, Malcolm Gladwell is one my favorite authors of all time. He’s written articles for the New Yorker for quite some time, and is also the author of plenty of incredible books, including my favorite: The Tipping Point. Here’s a list of some of his great articles:

Chris Brogan

web: www.chrisbrogan.com

Chris Brogan is quickly becoming a favorite here at SB. He’s insightful, explanatory, and doesn’t talk down to people who misunderstand (or completely miss) the point of social media and community-based marketing. I haven’t read Trust Agents yet, but I’m sure it’s great. Perhaps he’ll send a copy for review this way? :) Here’s some of his posts:

Guy Kawasaki

web: blog.guykawasaki.com

You didn’t think I’d leave this Guy off, did you?  I’m not even going to give you some of his posts. In fact, I’m not saying anything else. Go subscribe. Now.

Signal vs. Noise

web: 37signals.com/svn

37 signals is the awesome company that invented Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, Campfire, Highrise, and all things usable on the web. In fact, they may have invented the entire concept of usability. (That comment only slightly tongue-in-cheek) Signal vs. Noise is their blog on usability and their products, but in it is contained many leadership takeaways about communication and customer-service. Reading this blog takes some interpretation for where you are, but it’s definitely worth it. Visit their blog, subscribe, and check out posts like these:

Heath Brothers

web: www.heathbrothers.com

Chip & Dan Heath are the authors of their wildly popular book, Made to Stick. They’ve got another book coming out soon, Switch, that I’m pretty excited about reading. Their writing is witty, creative, and most importantly, useful. Check their blog out, and read posts like these:


web: www.smarterbiz.org

Of course, this blog is a must-read. We’ve been laying some groundwork with basic posts on tools and tech. But soon, we’ll be unleashing the beast of leadership thoughts, business tips, and technology reviews. Stay tuned. We’re cranking it up a notch. In the meantime: subscribe.

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