10 Reasons to Attend Tonight’s Tweetup

Tonight at Armadillo Grill in Uptown Greenville, there will be a gathering of Twitter users from all over Eastern NC. This gathering, called a Tweetup and sponsored by GreenvilleTweets, is a vital place to make new friends, establish new connections, meet potential clients, and in general, have a great time. We’ve listed 10 reasons below that should be argument enough for you to be there tonight:

  1. Really, what else is there for you to do in Greenville, NC on a Thursday night at 7pm?
  2. Jeffrey Terrill [@jeffreywt] & Derek Brown [@derekbrown] representing DataGroup Technologies [@dtigreenville, @dtisupport], and us [@smarterbiz] will be there!
  3. The Twitter community will be celebrating the birthday of GreenvilleTweets founder, Brad Proctor [@bradproctor].
  4. You’ll be able to ask questions about the latest Apple announcements from Tim Hassett [@appogeet], founder of Appogee, Greenville purveyor of Apple products.
  5. Tacos and queso make for a great supper. And, ahem, beverages.
  6. Conversation that is not only engaging and interesting, but practical for your business use as well.
    Social media is the way the world is right now, and you can either lead the way, or fall behind.

    Tweetup attenders are usually ahead of the pack.

  7. You’re going to want to be out tonight before the rumored Snow-a-geddon hits this weekend (I for one doubt it’s a real threat). Go ahead and fill up with gas, buy bread and milk, and stock up on ammunition after the Tweetup and on your way home.
  8. Seems like the entire RoundTable Toys [@roundtabletoys] crew will be there as well. Hang out with people who hang out with people who hang out with toys. They’re bringing BuckyBalls! Before you get too excited, these are just really strong magnets.
  9. Details on the Shift Conference [@cityshift] will be talked about, discussed, and stir excitement! We’ve got a lot planned for this conference, and this entire year here in Greenville, NC! Stay tuned.
  10. Rumor has it that I will be campaigning rather heavily for my IgniteRaleigh talk this coming March. Greenville, NC needs to represent, and show RDU that, per capita, they’re way behind us technologically.

See you there!

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